Michigan Intercollegiate Speech League



Any two-year or four year college or university in the State of Michigan may request membership in the M.I.S.L.

Any eligible school may become a member through the payment of the annual League membership fee as set by the by-laws.  That fee is currently set at $30. If your school has a student-run program, contact us about possible waivers or other options. Member schools are entitled to participate in all League activities upon payment of the annual membership fee.  Non member schools can attend the workshop.

Officer Job Descriptions:
-The Executive Director is in charge of presiding over the business meetings, preparing the agendas, and sharing copies of the Constitution and By-Laws.  The Executive Director may also update the websites.
-The Individual Events and Debate Directors are primarily responsible for the total operation of the contests and festivals which are under their individual jurisdiction.  They will work with the Tournament Directors at any given school.
-The Historian is primarily in charge of helping track historical information.  The historian may also work on the website.